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Read About the Water Districts for Yuma County Agriculture 

There are seven farmer-operated water districts serving approximately 175,000 acres of cropland. This is surface water diverted from the Colorado River, and these districts have some of the oldest water rights on the River.

The Yuma County Water Users Association provides water to the Yuma Valley, South of the Colorado River to the Mexican Border, and West of the City of Yuma. This water district serves an area of approximately 53,000 irrigable acres. Please visit their website at www.ycwua.org for more information orcall +1 (928) 627-8824.
The Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District is East of Telegraph Pass, West of the Mohawk Mountain range, and North of Interstate 8. There are approximately 62,750 acres under contract for water, including some 378 miles of main canals, laterals, and return flow channels. This includes the Dome Valley to the West, the Wellton Valley, and the Mohawk Valley to the East. For more information, you can call +1 (928) 785-3351 or go to www.wmidd.org.

The Yuma Irrigation District (or South Gila) services the South Gila Valley water needs south of the Colorado River, south of the Gila River to the Mesa, and East of the City of Yuma. This covers about 10,600 acres. For more information, you can call +1 (928) 726-1047.

The North Gila Irrigation District serves the North Gila Valley, north of the Gila River to the Colorado River. There are approximately 6,320 acres contracted for water delivery. For more information, you can call +1 (928) 580-6166.

Yuma Area Agricultural Council
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The Bard Water District serves the southeastern portion of Imperial County, California, the agricultural land across from Yuma County on the West side of the Colorado River. This water district serves approximately 14,676 irrigable acres, with about half of the farmland on the Quechan Indian Reservation and the other half on private land. For more information, you can call +1 (760) 572-0704.

The Yuma Mesa Irrigation and Drainage District serves the Yuma Mesa East of Avenue A to County 16E and from Interstate 8 South to the desert. There are approximately 15,500 irrigable acres. For more information, you can call +1 (928) 726-4353.

The Unit B Irrigation District provides water to approximately 3,400 acres of land in the South Mesa, between Avenue A and Avenue B, from County 15th Street South to the desert. For more information, you can call +1 (928) 627-8891.

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