Author: Joanne Kidd

Yuma Ag and You: Soil Quality and Management

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott         February 19, 2017 publication Wheat is an amazing crop! It seems to sprout as soon as the water touches it and to grow by leaps and bounds. Growers are now planting their rotation crops, wheat, cotton and Sudan

Yuma Ag and You: Measuring the snowpack

Bobbi Stevenson- McDermott       February 5, 2017 publication Love this Yuma weather, 65 one day, 85 degrees the next! Let’s enjoy the warmth and hope it gets cool again as it is too early for ‘winter’ weather to depart. There continues

Yuma Ag and You: Consider first the soils that you build on!

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott      January 22, 2017 publication One of the advantages, in my mind, to living somewhere for almost 50 years is the accumulation of historical knowledge about your county. Since I spent 38 years working with growers on soil, water and

Yuma Ag and You: Rain + Desert Agriculture = Disaster

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott   January 8, 2017  publication ‘Here comes the sun, here comes the sun’ and it’s alright’ with me! It is amazing what a few gloomy, rainy days do to attitudes and agriculture. At my house, we had an inch

Yuma Ag and You: The Law of the River

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott     Dec. 25, 2017 publication Last week, the Yuma Area Agricultural Committee held another of their new legislator tours to acquaint newly elected state representatives and senators to the agricultural wonder and value to Arizona of Yuma’s agricultural industry.

Yuma Ag and You: Food Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Bobbi Stevenson McDermott     December 11, 2016 publication The produce fields make a beautiful patchwork of colors and shapes. It is so tempting to stop your vehicle and walk into the fields to take a closer look, and you really want

Yuma Ag and You: Be thankful for Agriculture

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott   Nov. 27, 2016 publication During this season of thankfulness, everyone in Yuma County needs to reflect on the positive things about living here. A healthy agricultural industry that provides 48 percent or more of the dollars that support

Yuma Ag and You: Water conservation

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott     November 13, 2016 publication Harvest season has started! With this very warm fall, Yuma County produce is being picked, packed and shipped all over the country. With all the construction on Highway 95, Interstate 8, 4th Avenue and

Yuma Ag and You: Planning, zoning and the land

Bobbi Stevenson-McDermott                   October 30, 2016 publication What a beautiful time of the year! While the temperatures are warmer than usual for the end of October, the vegetable crops are growing by leaps and bounds in our fields. Hopefully the consumers

Yuma Ag and You: Reflections from our Young Farmers and Ranchers

Bobbi Stevenson McDermott     October 2, 2016 publication The fields throughout Yuma County are turning green after our short ‘brown season’. As we watch the myriad of fall vegetable, herb and seed crops being planted and watered, it is a great